Professional Consulting Services

               Do you want to purchase a home, but are not sure if 
            you qualify?

            Are you thinking of refinancing and are not sure of your 
            home's market value? 

            Have you heard of a reverse mortgage, but are not sure 
            if it suits your current lifestyle?

            Are you tired of avoiding calls from bill collectors?

            Would you finally like to get an honest perspective       
            and real results without 
hidden fees? ...

  If you answered yes to any one of these questions, our financial 
 consulting team may be just right for you!  Check out some of the 
 services we offer below. 


Purchases for Residential & Commercial Property
Purchasing a home or other investment property can be a complicated process for both first-time home buyers and even experienced investors in this constantly changing market.  Let our consultants walk you through the process and help you get financing that's right for you.

The idea of lower interest rates can be enticing for many home owners.  Let our consultants review the pros and cons with you based on your personal situation and help you decide if refinancing makes financial sense for you or if one of our other services may better suit your needs.

2nd Mortgage Defaults 
Have you lost your job, become ill or had some other unexpected emergency that caused you to fall behind in your mortgage payments?  Our consultants are senstive to the many scenarios that can lead to foreclosure of your property.  Let us help you explore options for bringing you out of this financial crisis.   

Short Sales 
Unfortunately, some property owners simply can't stay current with their mortgage payments due to the unexpected loss of a loved one, becoming unemployed, exorbitant college tuition, or a myriad of other reasons, and just want a fresh start. Speak to our consultants about the option of selling your home through a "short sale" process as an alternative to losing your home through an embarrassing foreclosure. 

Loan Modifications 
If refinancing isn't a feasible option for you, a loan modification may be another option to consider to help lower your mortgage payments. Let our consultants assist you with securing a loan modification and getting some financial relief.

Reverse Mortgages 
Unreputable lending institutions have preyed on the elderly in trying to lure them into reverse mortgages. This has led many seniors to steer away from this lending practice.  Learn about the real benefits and risks of reverse mortgages to decide if it meets your needs.

Debt Counseling & Consolidation 
If your debt is spiraling out of control, debt counseling and consolidation may be just the solution you need.  Our consultants can help lower your interest rates and secure a monthly payment plan that's within your current economic means.

Bankruptcy Filing Assistance
The realization that you may have to file for bankruptcy can be a stressul and difficult one to make.  Together, we can help you explore all of your options before choosing to file for bankruptcy as a last resort.  If you decide filing for bankruptcy is what's best for you, then our consultants can take you throught the step-by-step process and provide you with a future financial plan to keep you on track.

mall Business & Commercial Property Investments
Whether your starting a business for the first time, trying to salvage a struggling business, or investing in a income generating property, our consultants offer expert advice on obtaining the best financing package for you.

Equity and Bridge Loan Assistance for Ineligible Persons 
Explore getting a home equity or mixed use commercial loan as an alternative when you've been denied for all other financing options.  Let one of our knowledgeable consultants help you decide whether a home equity or bridge loan is right for you, if it makes sense to tap into your home or mixed use commercial property's equity, as well as how you can become qualified to get assistance. 

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